The Wine

The classic Provence Rosé profile is what every serious winemaker around the world attempts to mimic and for good reason. Our goal is always to find the delicate balance between floral, herbal, wild red fruit (not overly ripe) and acid. Most years, one aspect or another dominates so we work on enhancing the other qualities, but that was not this year. In 2016, the fruit naturally found a beautiful balance between red fruit and the acid structure without either overpowering each other, or the savory, citrus and mineral core. We’ve also made big advances in vineyard management and huge investments in presses and tanks in the winery. And, while we don’t own the vineyards that our fruit comes from, we have been working with these same growers from the beginning and collaborate closely as if we were partners in each other’s business.

The blend is the following: Grenache 52%, Syrah 23%, Cabernet Sauvignon 14%, Cinsault 8%, Rolle 3%. ALC BY VOL 13%, PH 3.2, RS .2%.