The Wine

The classic Provence rosé profile is what every serious winemaker around the world attempts to mimic and for good reason. Our goal is find the delicate balance between floral, herbal, wild red fruit (not overly ripe), stone fruit and acid. Our hope is to sew these various attributes together in such a way that no one element stands out. The goal is that the wine is in total harmony, and the last few years I think we’ve achieved that balance quite well. 2017 has added one new element, a creamy concentration from the small yields and concentrated fruit. The wine is in no way heavy or fat on the palate, but rather the palate has tremendous length in addition to the raspberry, cherry, peach, herbal, citrus and mineral core. We have continued to invest in better temperature control in all fermentations to ensure more dynamic aromatics. We are also doing more pre-fermentation solids work to enhance palate weight. To ensure maximum complexity, we did over 30 small fermentations using dozens of different yeasts, creating a symphony of flavor. While all our fruit is contracted, we have been working with these same growers since 2005 and collaborate closely on every aspect, as if we were partners in each other’s business.

The blend is the following: Grenache 41%, Syrah 20%, Cinsault 19%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%, Rolle 5%. ALC BY VOL 13%, PH 3.3, RS .1%.